Humility, on a Planet-Sized Scale

by YTP on November 18, 2008

saturn8 cassini big Humility, on a Planet Sized Scale

What I love about this photo is how well it conveys some powerful perspectives: Space is cold. Space is dark. Earth is tiny. People are tinier. The universe is awe-inspiring.

Can you imagine approaching a spectacle like this from a spacecraft? I don’t know if our brains could even really process it.

This picture, taken by the spacecraft Cassini, shows not only a beautiful glimpse of Saturn and her rings but also the moon Mimas (396 kilometers, or 246 miles across). The photo is one of the thousands posted at NASA’s photojournal, my favorite time-waster du jour. Details and full citation are here. Enjoy!

 Humility, on a Planet Sized Scale

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